Goodbye Etsy, Hello website sales

As you may have heard by now, Etsy is almost doubling its percentage fee for sellers on their sale and they are also starting a fee to be applied to my shipping. I’m not sure how they justify the last as I am the one who buys the boxes, the packing materials, the labels and the postage.

But since I’m leaving Etsy before these changes take place they won’t effect me.

The latest plan for the Etsy shop is that I will leave it open and offer only a DOWNLOAD. The download pdf will give you full details on how we convert a mirrored hand mirror to a black scrying mirror as we will no longer be offering these for sale. So you’ll get out tips and tricks on how we do this from our four years of doing this.

This keeps the Etsy storefront open (guarantees my shop name isn’t expired) if I ever change my mind and allows people who don’t hear the news to find me here at my own domain.

How will your buying experience here differ from Etsy:

1.) Any offers you see will be offered only by me. No more seeing other shops when you are shopping with me.

2.) I will be accepting only PayPal as payment. With PP you don’t have to have an account – just use your regular bank card. However, PayPal does offer you insurance for your purchase and the ability to lodge complaints etc.. JUST LIKE ETSY.

3.) The only item I will be selling via my website will be the Scrying Mirrors. So if there is a mirror you’ve seen on Etsy and want me to see if I can replicate it, email me. If there is a non-mirror object you want, sorry, I won’t be listing those.

4.)Β Since I’m doing bespoke scrying mirrors these will be mostly made by demand. Occasionally, I will be listing some that I’ve found that I’ve completed but mostly I’ll be listing stock that you can customize to fit your own need.

5.) The entire process will be personalized. You will be able to choose your frame, the finish on your frame, the gemstones you are want in the resin and the size of the obsidian to be placed within your mirror. A custom mirror will take 14 days to complete if we have the mirror frame in hand – if you are sending (or buying) the mirror frame, production starts when we have the mirror.

6.) All scrying mirrors will be mailed out using the United States Postal Service Priority service for domestic sales. This means your package will most likely reach you in 4 days after being mailed and will have insurance and tracking.

Thanks everyone for sticking with us these last four years. The business will definitely be much slower in terms of production and profit, but this will suit me fine.

Rebecca and Miles @ Cinnabarys

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