Welcome to Cinnabarys

Hi everyone –

As I’m winding down my Cinnabarys Etsy shop, I decided to go ahead and open a blog up here at my Cinnabarys domain to keep followers and customers updated on what is happening with myself and my scrying mirror art.

First, be aware that “winding down” means I won’t be as active. So the best thing you can do to know what is happening is 1.) follow the blog to know when I post something new here or 2.) subscribe to my email list (I will NOT be contacting folks very often, 1x a month?) to know more about changes or additions to Cinnabarys.

Next, my primary social media remains my Instagram account @shopcinnabarysΒ . Due to the fact that Facebook, who now owns Instagram, has drastically reduced the visibility of small shops to be seen by their followers so my IG account will become more just for fun and less to gain customers (a very frustrating process let me tell you).

I am also still using Pinterest and if you would like access to post on some of my boards, and have a similar pagan mindset (and are professional) drop me a request to be added.

Third, if you are new to Cinnabarys and wonder if I’m legit (before you order), you can always go to my Etsy shop and see my reviews and sales. As some of you already know, Etsy itself is not friendly to pagans but really my reason for winding down the Etsy shop is more personal as I need time for other projects. I will post more about this in detail later.

So basically here at Cinnabarys I’ll be blogging about my pagan experiences or thoughts, as well as showcasing new items that I will be offering as a LIMITED and one-on-one basis (or by request) directly to clients, instead of desperately trying to be seen on Etsy and Instagram.

Thanks everyone for supporting the shop these years!


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