Gothic, Black and White Decor trinket boxes for your rings, gemstones and Yoni Eggs

Some new items for our Etsy shop, Cinnabarys (pronounced Cinna as in Cinnamon, and bar – is) are these black and white, Gothic styled trinket boxes. Originally, these were silver colored, metal boxes most likely from the 1950-60’s. I had a lot of fun redoing these – maximizing the quality you find in vintage finds, […]


Is Nature giving you Intuitive Signs and Messages?

So when is a sign a sign and how do you learn to tell? I mean a lot of things happen everyday around you but that doesn’t mean it’s “about you.” Here are some guidelines I follow and how I help myself to decipher the difference between the meaningful and the everyday:


Elemental Spread with Druid Animal Oracle cards

For last night’s Hunter Moon (October) full moon reading, I chose my Druid Animal Oracle Deck (my favorite and most often used deck at this time) and chose a 5 card spread outlined in Barbara Moore’s book: Tarot Spreads, that uses the theme of the Elements. The question was asking how I could move forward after […]



Peacock smudging feather fan with matching black scrying mirror, vintage handheld set

Review by ZS

The scrying mirror and feather fan are amazing! The items were beautifully crafted and well-packaged. The shop owner was quite nice and followed up before and after delivery. Wonderful!


Scrying Mirror with Silver backing and Jadeite handle

Review by MOR

Absolutely perfect! I love it. I can't wait to use it. Thanks so much.


Eagle inspired, smudging feather fan with antler handle

Review by JS

Exactly as described and even more beautiful in person!